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Social Networking for Shoppers

Are you one of those people who loves sharing your product recommendations after a successful shopping experience?
Do you look for "real people" product reviews when you shop online?
If so, don't miss the Web 2.0 new phenomenon, shopcasting, "a mashed up word that combines shopping and broadcasting" first offered by ThisNext.


Web 2.0 What's Hot

Read all about the Third Annual Web 2.0 Summit held in San Francisco November 7-9, and also check out two of the websites that got raves from Fast Company. "is a service that records what you listen to, and then presents you with an array of interesting things based upon your tastes — artists you might like, users with similar taste, personalised radio streams, charts, and much more."


The Value of Blogging

Christina Kerley of ckEpiphany describes her services as "a marketing consultancy providing strategy, planning and program management services." In August, she asked her blog readers to respond to the question, "What is the single greatest point of value you receive from blogging?" Last week she wrote about the results in her blog.



If you didn't get a chance to share our excitement over the latest tech stuff at Infopeople's Technology Petting Zoo during the California Library Association Conference, take a look at from Gear Live, an online magazine that provides news, previews, reviews, and commentaries on gadgets, consumer electronics, games, music, and tech trends.



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