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Moving from Guardian to Guide

A recent Tweet from a librarian acquaintance came off sounding and feeling surprisingly old fashioned as it passed along my screen. Her 140-character message in effect asserted that "all librarians want to get folks into the library." Well, no, not so much. Times and technology have changed.


Finding Truthiness in Numbers

Stephen Colbert's pointed neologism comes to mind as the US Census Bureau enlists increasingly sophisticated data sorts to give us a deeper view of numbers collected during the last decennial census. Not that the Bureau is asserting opinion as fact, but the fact is, statistics, by nature, can provide insight only on matters we think to ask of them.


Looking at the world of ebooks and libraries

Stephen Abram has written a good post that looks at the world of ebook readers (KIndles and iPads) and academic libraries. The jury is till way out on what ebooks really mean for libraries (academic or public), and in today's economic climate it's not something most libraries can invest in, but it's still worth reading what the early adopters think of the new devices, just to stay current.


The Value of Blogging

Christina Kerley of ckEpiphany describes her services as "a marketing consultancy providing strategy, planning and program management services." In August, she asked her blog readers to respond to the question, "What is the single greatest point of value you receive from blogging?" Last week she wrote about the results in her blog.


Browser smackdown!

Wowza! The past week or two has seen the release of two big upgrades: Firefox 2.0 & Internet Explorer 7.0. Firefox's last big upgrade was version one, which was released just two years ago. Internet Explorer hasn't seen a major upgrade since version 6 came out in 2001. Beta versions of IE 7 have been out for a while (I downloaded one beta and ended up reformatting my hard drive - ick!).



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