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The Encarta editors have used their new blog to introduce a new publishing model. Gary Alt, editorial director, says, "We already receive loads of useful customer feedback, but we’re about to roll out a new set of tools that will make it far easier for you to suggest revisions in Encarta.... What I mean is, we realize that you, our loyal users, know a great deal about a great many things. And we understand that many of you have a strong desire to share your knowledge. So if you have information that can update an Encarta article, or improve the accuracy or clarity of Encarta article, we are enlisting your help. By sharing your knowledge with us, you will help us keep Encarta current, correct, and relevant.... We want to marry the best of the traditional publishing model—with its emphasis on fact-checking, consistency, readability, and objectivity—to the enormous knowledge of our vast user base....."

from the Illinois Suburban Library System's Metro Desk: A blog of news, resources, and events of use to reference librarians
The "kind of" is because changes do NOT show up at once as in the usual wiki. Encarta editorial staff review all submissions. More on this at WikiNews.
And while we're talking about Encarta, here's another little tidbit from their new blog. You can read both their standard articles and Premium articles when you search for them through MSN Search at

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