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Finding the hard to find describes itself as a directory "whose mission is to connect people in search of discontinued and hard to find products, as well as classic and vintage items, with the suppliers who stock them. We list the companies who offer the products; manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. All their contact information, brands and products are conveniently organized in categories."


Celebrate Discardia

Discardia is a great new holiday made up by Dinah Sanders, a San Francisco web geek. Her description reads, "It takes place in the time between the Solstices & Equinoxes and their following new moons. Discardia is celebrated by getting rid of stuff and ideas and habits you no longer need. On the Discardian new moon you don't buy anything or bring anything into your home and enjoy the fact that you have enough." Check out her recent Discardia blog entry.
Mark these dates on your calendar:
22 Sep 2005 - 3 Oct 2005



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