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Travel Tips

Well known travel store, Magellan's, offers an online travel article on dealing with airline aggravations; it is worth bookmarking and sharing with library users.
If you and your library users want lots of helpful information in blog format, add the Sacramento-based Holloway Travel Outfitters blog to your RSS feeds.


Skill Building Video

This insightful, best practices video titled Introducing the Book, provides tips that will help staff provide great customer service for all ages. It has applications for both computer and print help desk inquiries. The narration is in German with English subtitles.


Legal Information Online from Nolo and Infopeople

Be sure to let your customers know that Nolo Press has podcasts online. You can listen at the site, download a file using iTunes or subscribe via RSS. As of February 1, there were 52 topics available in the following categories
• Legal News
• Business and Human Resources
• Patents, Copyright and Art
• Wills and Estate Planning
• Property and Money
• Family Law and Immigration
• Rights and Disputes



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