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Research and Fun at ALA

During the American Library Association (ALA) 2007 Midwinter meeting in Seattle, I was looking for ideas for the 2007 Infopeople Technology Petting Zoo and had a great opportunity to try my fancy foot work out on Dance Dance Revolution dance pads with Jenny Levine. Jenny is an Internet Development Specialist and Strategy Guide for ALA; she also has her own blog titled, The Shifted Librarian.


The Power of user-generated content online

No matter how you feel about YouTube, you will find lots to ponder regarding the impact of user-generated content by reading a recent article in the Sacramento Bee titled "Media Savvy: Liberal viewer is watching." The article describes the endeavors of "Allen Asch, 41, a stay-at-home dad and a former public defender in Placer County and Missouri" posting as LiberalViewer.


England's Love Libraries Campaign

In March of 2006, David Lammy, England's Minister for Culture, announced the launch of Love Libraries, a campaign to explore a new vision of a 21st century reading service.
Elements of the campaign include:
...exploring a new vision of 21st century reading services that transformed three libraries in twelve weeks into models of a future library service with reading at its heart
All 3 makeover libraries are experimenting with new ways of engaging with the public that meet modern lifestyles and expectations.



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