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podcastIn this edition of Thinking Out Loud, George and Joan take on the issue of staying motivated. It's a problem we all face at various times in our lives. They explore several things that can help us all stay engaged in all aspects of our lives. Among them: feeling connected, feeling that our contributions are valued, and feeling like you will have opportunities to keep learning.


Jean, I work part time at OCLC, and our bi-annual Employee Opinion Survey includes exactly these types of questions. Among the statements we are asked to rate on a Likert scale: * Other teams give our team the support we need to serve our members. * There is good collaboration across different teams at OCLC. * There is good collaboration among my team members. * My job provides opportunities to learn new skills. * My manager has a personal investment in my growth/development. This annual survey is managed by Kenexa. I hope this is useful! George

Joan & George - thanks for the terrific summary of motivators for any organization. Is it common in your consulting practice to have management and employees assess the factors you listed (strength of social connections, learning opportunities, professional advancement opportunities, etc) for their own libraries? It would be interesting to understand where the assessments were consistent and where they differed.