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turkey.jpgThe Infopeople staff wishes you and yours a Happy Thansgiving! In keeping with the holiday, we thought we'd make this posting relevant to what many of you are planning: holiday meals!
The always helpful Butterball site is chock full of recipes and assistanace for cooking the big birds. And for those who need a little extra assistanace, there's the Turkey Talk-Line, where you can call and talk turkey with the experts. For ambitious folks who want to try something different,you can try deep-frying a turkey. Like they say, NEVER deep fry a turkey indoors, though! And for all you vegans, you can try a vegetarian Thanksgiving! Don't want to cook a turkey? Check out alternative Thanksgiving ideas here.
Last but not least, check out the Jones Soda holiday pack, if you're looking for a really unique holiday experience! It's a complete holiday meal replacement 5-pack, including turkey and gravy, green bean casserole, and fruitcake sodas! Mmmmm, good!
We'll be taking a few days off from posting to enjoy the holiday and digest our food, so wherever the holiday finds you, have a great one!

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