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Here at Infopeople, a debate raged quietly for a while about how to spell the word "email." Some folks wanted to spell it "e-mail" (with the hyphen), while the lazier peeps (that would include yours truly) preferred leaving the hyphen out. Finally Carole Leita put her foot down and created a stylesheet for us all to use (and for the most part we cooperate, except for the occasional odd slip - sorry Carole!). Based on her findings, the commonly accepted spelling for "email" is "email" - without the hyphen (at least for us). Roy Blount has a different take, and explains why in this NPR Weekend Edition story. I did an informal check of Google just now, and "e-mail" yields 54,000,000 results, but "email" yields 652,000,000. I'd say the Internet has spoken. offers both as acceptable (and tosses in E-mail with a capital as also okay). The Oxford English Dictionary also offers us both as acceptable. As for me, I'm leaving the hyphen out, at least until Carole tells me otherwise.
For those who pay attention to such things, you may notice that this post is from "eileen o'shea". I have been forced by my fellow Infopeople peeps to unveil myself. Up until now, I've been the semi-anonymous "Infopeople web manager" who posts to Wazzup. Since everybody else uses their real names, it was decided that I had to as well. So the truth is out. Film at eleven.

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