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cowearlyam.jpgAnd this Infopeep should be in bed asleep, but noooo...instead the ever faithful web manager is slaving away over a hot computer doing another late night update from CLA. It was quite the busy day, starting bright and early meeting up with the Rural Initiative folks to help them with their great conference idea: cow bookmarks! This entailed poor Dan Theobald dressing in a very heavy, very warm cow costume and then helping him down to the State Librarian's breakfast so he could pose with State Librarian Susan Hildreth. It was all pretty funny, especially as poor Dan had very limited vision in the suit and the way he moved reminded us of a bovine version of the robot from Lost in Space. Then it was off to the exhibit hall, and more setting up, then off to the opening session where, among other things, the chief Infopeep, Holly Hinman, was named CLA Member of the Year and Infopeople trainer and webcaster Mary Minow was awarded the first ever Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award. Congrats to Holly and Mary!
All in all, it was a pretty crazy day as on top of everything else, the Infopeople web managers also rolled out the new Infopeople website! Some things have changed: the old "How To" section has been renamed "Resources" and the old "About Infopeople" has been renamed "Contact Us." If you can't find something, or have comments about the new website, use our feedback form, and we'll get back to you - probably after we get a good night's sleep! Here are pics of the day.
Finally, an update on Alpha Infopeep Carole Leita: she came through her surgery a-okay and is now recuperating. We all talked to her on the phone today, and she sounded pretty darned good for somebody who just had major surgery. We all are hoping she'll be back keeping us on the straight and narrow soon!

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