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Infopeople is debuting an exciting new webcast series, "Management Mondays," beginning on June 27 with Dr. Steven Albrecht's presentation titled "The Skill-Building Supervisor #1: The Four Functions of Supervision: Planning, Communicating, Delegating, and Monitoring."
The series will continue monthly through June 2006. Topics for July through November 2005 are listed below. In addition to Dr. Albrecht, other presenters in the series will include Sara Laughlin, Paula Singer, and Joan Frye Williams. Future topics will include: Effective Library Job Descriptions; Interviewing Techniques for Libraries; Retaining and Motivating Excellent Library Employees; Making Performance Evaluation Work for You; Working with Boards and Commissions; Conducting an Environmental Scan for Your Library; Survey and Focus Group Techniques for Libraries; Working with Community Groups; Getting the Library Message Across; Working with Consultants;Working with Vendors; Working with Unions; Politics 101 for Libraries.
At the end of the series, all of the webcasts and support materials will be collected on a DVD.
This series will be of particular interest to anyone new to or preparing to enter library management.
July 18, The Skill-Building Supervisor #2: Delegation and Decision-Making
September 12, The Skill-Building Supervisor #3: Making Meetings Matter: Communicating Through Tailgate Talks
October 10, The Skill-Building Supervisor #4: Managing Conflict: Communicate-Clarify-Commit
November 14, The Skill-Building Supervisor #5: Fighting Your Time Bandits: Setting Priorities and Reaching Goals
Mark your calendars now!

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