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Ever had a really big file that you needed to send to someone but their email provider wouldn't allow attachments larger than 10MB? Well, a handy solution is here. is a new web-based service that allows you to temporarily store files up to 100MB in size, then send links to people so they can download them. Signing up is quick and free and they offer virus scanning for both sending and receiving. We tried it and it worked great (but you can only send to one person at a time). Just don't go all click happy when you try to retrieve a file - it has to download before you can view it (I went a little crazy clicking a 3MB file thinking I was somehow accelerating the process - if my computer could talk it would have said "Yo, stupid, alright already, I'm downloading it!"). Files are removed after 7 days whether they're picked up or not. There are a few other similar pages you can also check out if you're curious: and (the latter site charges for some of its services). Pretty cool!

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