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i10d.jpgIf you are a certain age (and we know who we are, don't we?), you no doubt remember exactly where you were 36 years ago. You were glued to your TV sets watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin do what no human had ever done before: set foot on the moon. In honor of that anniversary, Google has introduced a companion of sorts to Google Earth, its awesomely cool satellite mapping tool. It's called Google Moon, and it allows you to map all of the lunar landing sites. Very cool! Be sure to zoom in on the landing sites; you'll be surprised at what you find! Oh, and if you have time, do read the FAQ page.
For some more information on the lunar landings, check out this NASA site, which has loads of historical data, and this site from the Smithsonian Institution, which has lots of pictures, as well as audio and video. I particularly liked this audio clip. Who knew there was a musical soundtrack playing in the background when Armstrong took his first steps on the moon?
And for the naysayers and conspiracy buffs out there, you can check out Was the Moon Landing Fake?

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