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What's on Susan Hildreth's mind?

Tune in to this Wednesday's Infopeople Webcast from 12 noon - 1:00pm PDT and find out as the State Librarian delivers her quarterly update. Susan will touch on hot topics in the California library world, emerging library trends and services available to you from the California State Library. She will also be available for live questions and answers during the webcast.


Google Maps vs Virtual Earth

Okay, I know it looks like we're all Google all the time here at Wazzup, but this is interesting so hang in there. And I promise this is the last Google-related entry for, uh, at least today.
If you, like me, are pondering the differences between Google Maps and MSN's new Virtual Earth, this site allows you to do a side by side comparison. Type in an address and see what you find!


If you're a fan of public radio

I am a faithful listener of public radio, but have a hard time keeping up with what's on when. To the rescue comes Tell it your time zone, then select the public radio stations you like to listen to, and hey presto! you get a customizable grid with all of your favorite stations' programming nicely laid out. Clicking on the grid's links takes you to the program's web page, and you can also specify what sort of stream you'd prefer (Real, Quicktime, Windows Media, etc).


The answer to a burning question

Today's Friday Funny is in honor of the fact that it's really, really hot and cold things sound great right now.
This article from the Christian Science Monitor explains in great detail where the ingredients for banana splits come from (and for all you wiseacres out there, no the answer is NOT Baskin Robbins!). I really enjoyed the bit about marshmallows (being particularly fond of them). There really is a marsh mallow plant and once upon a time the sap was used as a thickener in the candy puffs!


Fun with birds...

And cats. Check out Bird Snatchers! It's enormous fun and a huge time-waster. Be sure to read the instructions (otherwise you and the cats may spend a good deal of time futiley sitting on the ground - I speak from experience). I kept the music on as it was very mellow and added to the zen of it all. Happy Friday everyone!
A tip o' the propeller hat to Boing Boing for the link.



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