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images.jpgAn additional cool site for the 4th of July: Lady Liberty Fireworks! If you want a really big finale, just click a bunch of times. Almost as good as a live show! Oh, and be sure to turn your speakers up for the full efffect.


Happy birthday, America!

It's the 4th of July weekend, so it must be time to check out some cool websites (hey, other than watch fireworks and eat hot dogs, it's not like you were planning to do anything else this long weekend, right?). From the History Channel, a special Fourth of July site compiles a bunch of interesting links. Did you know, for instance, that the estimated amount of hot dogs eaten by Americans on the Fourth of July is 150 million? Whoa!


Neat new resource: Open CRS

In another lifetime I worked in Government Documents, and spent my days copy cataloging government publications and providing government information-related reference assistance. One of the resources for easy to understand information folks liked best were Congressional Research Service reports. Concise and to the point, CRS reports provide Cliff Note-type summaries of major issues ranging from foreign policy to social security for members of Congress.


It's my web (2.0 beta) and I'll cry if I want to

Yahoo has released beta version 2.0 of their My Web search engine. What's different about My Web? Well, Yahoo is calling it a "social search engine," which, they claim, "complements web search by enabling users to search the knowledge and expertise of their friends and community in addition to the web." This could be a very useful tool for reference librarians who would like to save useful searches and quickly find that great answer from last week.



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