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Updated Version of Getting the Most from Word

Infopeople is now offering new sessions of its popular workshop Getting the Most from Microsft Word!

Microsoft Word is one of the most versatile software programs available today. It can be used as a word processor, drawing program, spreadsheet, HTML editor and desktop publisher. Since Microsoft Word is becoming a de facto standard for creating documents from one-page handouts to multi-chapter books, this is probably the one piece of software that library staff will use most for communicating with others in print.


New Workshop on Effective Change Management

Change is important to the survival and success of any library. Although we cannot eliminate the stress and upheaval of organizational change, we can lessen its impact and take best advantage of the opportunities change offers. Handling change effectively can make your library stronger and more resilient. Effectively driving, sponsoring and supporting change is part of every library manager's role. Read more and register here.


Funny Cats!

While this has nothing much to do with libraries, it is pretty funny, and it is Friday, so we offer this as our Friday Funnies entry: check out the classic feline action here. It's roll on the floor laughing stuff. You'll need Windows Media Player to view it.


More Train the Trainer sessions!

Infopeople is pleased to announce another "Train the Trainer" workshop series. Whether you have primary responsibility for training in your library or you just want to fill in the blanks in your own training skill set, this series of courses will provide you with a thorough grounding in the practical aspects of delivering top quality library training. Read more about it and register here.


Infopeople Website Changes

Happy Friday! You may have noticed Infopeople has made some changes to its home page. We now have a new link called Partnerships, which provides links to projects and associations Infopeople supports. We also have a link to InfoBlog, our weblog that replaces the old "New on the Site" link. Small changes, but we feel important ones. Enjoy!



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