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Joe Barker's new workshop, Extreme Googling, has filled in every session that has been scheduled to date. We recently added a session in Fresno, on Monday, October 18, at the Fresno County Public Library. We will be scheduling another session in Cerritos, and more as needed to respond to demand. Infopeople Training Director Cheryl Gould is generally rather subdued in her analysis of our workshops, but after attending the first session of Extreme Googling she wrote the following:
"I was at Joe Barker's Extreme Googling class yesterday. I think you should all consider going to it. It was eye-opening for me about what skills are really needed now for reference work. This is a class all people that work with the public in a library should absolutely have to take.
And, it is really 3 classes worth of material so it seems we should create a series out of it and run it every year. I also think it is crucial to offer as an online class. I'm pretty sure they aren't making this shift in library schools yet. It really makes you see that there is a completely new way to look at how to do reference work. OK - maybe I'm coming on a bit strong but I did talk about this with Joe, another person from his class and Carole briefly about it this morning and we all seemed to agree.
There are many instances of Joe's class - check it out online at /WS/workshop/Workshop/169 "

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