An Infopeople On-Ground Learning Course

June 23rd, 2014 9:00 AM
June 24th, 2014 4:30 PM
Cost $ 75.00

Registration Deadline: Sunday, June 15, 2014

Special Note Regarding Fee: Thanks to the generous support of the California State Library, the $75 fee for this workshop covers not only two days of training, but also meals for those days and one night in the hotel where the workshop is held. It also covers the one-day follow-up session, including continental breakfast and lunch on that day. In other words, this is a real bargain! Due to the special funding, registration is limited to the California library community.


Course Instructor: Course Instructor: Becky Schreiber and John Shannon, Schreiber Shannon Associates



In the current environment of tight budgets, limited resources, and a changing world, libraries of all kinds are seeking ways to focus their energy on meeting critical user needs while maximizing the talents of every staff member to streamline internal processes.

Leading From Any Position is a workshop developed by Becky Schreiber and John Shannon of Schreiber Shannon Associates to give you the knowledge and skills to analyze work processes, make data based decisions, and facilitate more effective meetings - from any position in the library. We will provide strategies for helping your library be more agile in responding to user needs by creating an organizational culture of exploration and knowledge sharing.

In this workshop, we will help you find answers to the following questions:

  • How can I increase my ability to influence the choices my library is making in response to its users changing needs?
  • How can I have more impact on the daily decisions that affect my work and its impact?
  • How can I help to create a library culture where good ideas have a fair hearing and are nurtured through to implementation?
  • How can I make a positive difference in my library even if I'm not in charge?

This workshop will enable you to take initiative, regardless of the position you hold in your library. We will practice methods of facilitation, creative problem solving, and setting priorities that will give those who attend better influence strategies. We will work with "real time" work situations and create action plans so participants will move directly into implementation upon their return to work.

In a few months, we will return to a follow-up session - to celebrate our successes and help each other with the barriers we met in our implementation efforts. The follow-up workshop is critical to assure successful achievement for each person.

Some of the benefits of coming to LFAP:

  • You will be able to steer the direction of your work instead of being at the mercy of the usual distractions, inefficiencies, and disconnections.
  • You'll have more influence and have less frustration when you clarify individual work priorities within the context of the system's priorities.
  • Your credibility will expand when you start supporting your opinions with data, building the capacity of your work team to study an issue, build data, and make informed decisions to move into the future.
  • You will enhance your meetings when you learn to be a better team member, facilitating decision-making even when you are not in charge.
  • You will improve your library's culture starting from your own position, by changing your behavior and holding others accountable in diplomatic and effective ways.

Workshop Description: This is a two-day workshop with a one-day follow-up. We will use experiential learning in which you will learn a concept, practice it, and then apply the experience to real work situations. This hands-on learning will provide opportunities to apply new techniques to persistent problems. The instructors will provide examples, stories, step-by-step methods, as well as practical, useful tips that can be applied immediately. Individual and group exercises will enable you to create an action plan to implement, and the skills to follow through.

Pre-workshop assignment: Before you arrive, you will complete some pre-workshop observations of your library, based on Peter Senge's Five Disciplines - personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, and systems thinking – making note of specific insights. We want the skills you gain in LFAP to be based on data rather than opinion, and the pre-work will provide a quick reality check before we start applying concepts.

Course Outline

  • Learning Community Defined
    • Who's here and why we're here
    • Leading From Any Position defined
    • The disciplines of a learning organization
    • Implementing the disciplines from your position
    • Learning organization activity – "quick & easy"
  • Learning Community Implementation
    • Types of teams
    • Setting ground rules
    • Strategies for facilitation
    • Strategies for prioritizing
  • Involving People in Planning and Evaluating
    • Involvement as a motivator
    • Setting priorities to focus activities
    • Evaluating work processes
    • Focusing on impact
  • Projects to build a learning organization
    • Leadership skills that support good ideas
    • Creative problem solving
    • Identify and Solve Problems
    • Demonstrating a disciplined model
    • Practicing the model with real work issues
    • Action planning to implement idea

Who Should Attend: As its title implies, LFAP is open to anyone from the California library community with an interest in developing skills to be more influential in their work. We are hoping to attract those of you who are enthusiastic about contributing your best to your library, but who may have met obstacles in that effort. This workshop is also appropriate for library business managers, procurement officers, public information officers, systems staff, facilities managers or anyone else on staff who wants to improve the organizational culture through their own initiative.

Prerequisites: This course requires that students be comfortable with experiential learning. Although we will use some lectures, much of our time will be spent in small groups, discussing strategies and practicing methods. We will be creating a safe environment so that people will be able to share their work issues, ideas, and potential solutions freely.


Check-in: 8:30 to 9:00 AM Instruction: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM


"As a library director who has sent 12 of my staff (from managers to clerical and everything in between), I can say with certainty and confidence that "Leading From Any Position" is well-worth the investment you will make to attend this program. John and Becky are fabulous facilitators, getting to meet and interact with staff from other libraries, and getting out of the building to work with colleagues are just some of the benefits of LFAP. But I think the biggest takeaway my staff got after attending LFAP was the realization that even if it isn't necessarily in their title or their job description, they really *can* confidently lead from any position, and they continue to apply what they learned to this day." -- Robert Karatsu, Rancho Cucamonga Public Library
"It's a worthwhile investment of staff time and the most cost-effective leadership development opportunity I know of." -- Kathy Gould, Palos Verdes Library District
"LFAP taught me tools that I could use immediately at my library. It reinforced my belief that leading is not just for one person in an organization. I left this training feeling very empowered"…Beatriz Sarmiento, City of Commerce
"This was absolutely one of the most effective workshops I have attended in my 15 years at the library"…Laura Brownell, Burbank Public

Keywords: Leadership, Professional development and efficiency, Staff development

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