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A search engine is computer software used to locate a user specified word, phrase, image, sound or other page or file located on the World Wide Web.  Each search engine builds and rebuilds its database through scripts followed by automated web crawling scripts. When using sites or other resources located through a search engine, be sure to record the url and the date you accessed that resource; you may not be able to replicate the exact same search to reach it again.

Boolean operators are delimiters or search command structuring symbols (composed of letters and punctuation marks).  Each search engine utilizes Boolean operators but they do not all use exactly the same operator to indicate identical commands. Be sure to review the use of Boolean operators employed by a search engine before using them to enhance your search precision.

Selected Internet Search Engines
Search Engine Scope Tutorials Good to Know Owner
Full text of web pages and other files on the web, images, sound files, maps and map making, machine translation; results prioritized by sites most used and shared

Google Guide

Google Search Tips & Tricks

Advanced searching employed through a template and allows specification of site, domain, and file type, update period filtering, language choice, and reading level, among many other useful options; offers suggestions for spelling errors Google


Web pages, especially those related to news and scientific content; lookup; videos, images, maps; events in the user’s preset geographic area, and social searching that can access the photos and pages of the searcher’s social media connections Bing Search Tips 
Advanced searching requires Boolean operators; can be connected to social media including Facebook and Google+ to allow searching of created by those in the searcher’s social media networks Microsoft
Web search box integrated into page displaying all Yahoo! products; search includes web pages and some other text file types, such as PowerPoint; filters for format (images, blogs, etc,) and timeliness filter appears with search results; filtering for recently updated includes updates to ads on results page Improve your Yahoo Search
Mix of service and product displays on basic search page gives it a more cluttered appearance than other search engines listed here; search results feature Yahoo! Answers, which require user evaluation; Search Assist suggests auto-filling when search box activated Yahoo!
Duck Duck Go
Search results emphasize human generated fact nuggets and aggregated quality web sites related to the search topic; sponsored links are clearly labeled and screen design is clean, allowing more focused result appearance for children and those unaccustomed to contemporary web page design complexity; results less comprehensive than Google or Bing

Take a tour of DuckDuckGo

Anonymous, untracked, searching, as indicated by the secured site on which the search is entered; intended as a first stop for quick answers from online documentation, much provided by Wolfram Alpha Computing Gabriel Weinberg
StartPage by Ixquick
Anonymous, untracked searching. Results generated by Google. Uses a proxy service to let users browse websites safely and anonymously, without passing on any private, personally identifiable information to the websites they view. Can handle HTTP requests over secure and encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections. Activate SSL by using/adding an "s" to "http" in Ixquick's address.
Ixquick Advanced Search
Anonymous, untracked, searching, as indicated by the secured site on which the search is entered Ixquick (Surfboard Holding, BV)

Last updated April 10, 2017