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In these stressful times when so many libraries are closed and library staff are working from home, we thought it would be helpful to compile some useful resources, from archived webinars to self-paced tutorials to some good general resources.

Free Webinars

These archived webinars colver a variety of topics but they all share a focus on taking care of ourselves, our staff and our communities.

  • Creating a Crisis Communication Plan that Works (Infopeople, presented March 27, 2019) - In a world with a 24-hour news cycle, libraries must be ready to communicate quickly about any crisis that may impact their community. Yet few libraries have an up to date crisis communication plan.
  • Preventing and Treating Compassion Fatigue with Self-Care (Infopeople, presented April 11, 2019) - Library staff are tasked with providing more and more services for their communities despite continually shrinking budgets. Often overlooked, is the importance of self-care while doing this work, including the awareness of the effects of trauma and building resiliency. 
  • Public Libraries Respond to COVID-19: The Current Landscape (PLA, presented March 26, 2020) - What are public libraries doing in response to COVID-19? How are they making decisions? Where are they getting information, and how are they sharing it with their communities? Participants of this webinar will learn about the current public library landscape amidst COVID-19.  
  • Reducing Workplace Stress with Mindfulness (Infopeople, presented May 24, 2018) - Do you sometimes feel distracted at work? Do you feel pulled in too many directions simultaneously? Do you feel stress from your work life creeping into your personal time? Mindfulness is a simple practice that can help all of us reduce stress by connecting to the present moment.  
  • STRETCH Your Storytime: Supporting Early Learning with Yoga and Movement (Infopeople, presented June 5, 2018) - This webinar will introduce participants to ways in which the intentional use of yoga-inspired movement in the storytime setting can support and enhance the work of youth services library staff and others helping prepare young children for school success.

You can find many more archived Infopeople webinars here.

Highlights from the Infopeople Academy (Niche Academy tutorials)

These self-paced tutorials are all available for free on the Niche Academy platform. 

  • Business Resources and Job Hunting - Topics covered in this tutorial include: company and industry information, non-profit entities, entrepreneurship and starting a business, investment and finance, and occupational and job search information.   
  • Genealogy - Why are people so interested about finding out about their ancestors and their family's history? You may be asked to help a library user learn about their family history, and this section will help you find or direct them to the pieces of the family puzzle.  
  • From Compassion to Action: Serving Those with Mental Health Challenges in the Library - Mental health is a topic that is relevant for everyone and we need to be openly discussing and working to increase our understanding of mental health. After completing this course, you will have a better understanding of mental health and mental health challenges. 
  • Survival Spanish for Library Staff - Survival Spanish for Library Staff was an all-day workshop Infopeople developed to provide library staff with basic skills for communicating with Spanish-speaking patrons. Now the essential words and phrases taught in the workshop have been integrated into easy to digest sections that are structured so that you can practice at your own pace.    
  • Tabletop Games and 21st Century Skill Development - In today’s culture, games are ubiquitous. Although commercial games are recreational, they also provide opportunities for informal learning. In fact, to play games players must use at least one 21st Century Skill, and often players use multiple skills.

You can find more free Infopeople Academy tutorials here.

General COVID-19 Resources