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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. You have created a web page that currently lives on your hard drive or maybe on a floppy disk. To let the world see your web page, you need to move it to a remote computer that will host your page and give it an address (something like this:

FTP is like a mailman in that it takes your file from your local computer and delivers the file to the host computer (this is called uploading), and it can do the reverse as well: it can deliver files to your local computer from a remote computer (this is called downloading).

You will need some FTP software to act as your mailman. A free Windows FTP program is called Core FTP. For Mac users there are two very nice shareware FTP programs called Fetch and Transmit.

The following links will take you to information on using these applications:

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You may find this webliography on creating web pages useful as you strike out on your own. Good luck!