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Kids, teens and adults of all ages participate in gaming. Libraries can find new audiences and reach out to new populations of users by developing a gaming collection. This page provides links to information that will help you decide if gaming is right for your library - and most importantly how much it will cost you to get started, and to keep building your collection.

Starting, Developing, & Maintaining a Gaming Collection

  • Core Collections: Games for Libraries to Circulate - DOC - PDF
    This handout lists core games for various platforms and age groups.
  • Dance Dance Revolution Solutions - DOC - PDF
    This handout looks at the various purchasing options for a DDR setup.
  • Entertainment Software Ratings Board
    Useful tool in gauging the audience for video games as you start to develop a collection.
  • Gaming Consoles Overview - DOC - PDF
    This handout gives a brief overview of the various gaming consoles currently on the market.


  • ALA TechSource Blog
    This blog covers all technology in libraries, but there are lots of posts about gaming.
  • Board Game Geek
    Games, forums, ratings, descriptions, screenshots, sales, and more.
  • Beth Gallaway's tags on gaming
    Beth is a long time advocate for gaming in libraries. This is a growing collection of web links to gaming resources.
  • Board Games with Scott
    Scott is Scott Nicholson, an Associate Professor at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. His areas of research include the intersection of gaming and libraries and bibliomining.
  • Daedalus Project
    Nick Yee's research on Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs).
  • Entertainment Software Association
    The ESA is the U.S. association exclusively dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies that publish video and computer games for video game consoles, personal computers, and the Internet. Of particular interest to libraries is the Facts and Research section of their website.
  • GameFAQs
    Find info about a wide variety of games for aall types of consoles.
  • Game On: Games in Libraries
    Beth Gallaway's blog strives to keep librarians up to date on gaming with convenient one-stop shopping for all your gaming news and information.
  • Gamelab
    Home for three research projects (creating a gaming vocabulary, gaming as a public good, and Scott Nicolson's research on libraries and gaming). Syracuse will be offering the first library science class in gaming this spring,
  • Gamespot
    Good resource for reviews, ratings, and pricing for online games in all formats.
  • Gaming @ the Library
    Materials from Beth Gallaway's 2007 Infopeople workshop.
  • Gaming in Libraries: Intersection of Services
    An ALA library Technology Report by Jenny Levine that offers examples of what libraries are already doing - including public, school, and academic libraries - to illustrate how librarians can reap positive gains by proactively, creatively, and (above all) affordably integrating gaming into the services and programs they already offer (excerpt - full report available for sale from ALA).
  • Got Games?
    A collection of resources and profiles on gaming in libraries, from WebJunction.
  • LibGaming
    This Google Group is a forum for discussion of gaming in libraries, including circulating video games for PCs & consoles, game collection development, and gaming programs (LAN parties and tournaments).
  • Libraries Circulating Games
    From the Library Success wiki, this is a list of libraires that currently circulate games. Contains basic information about the collections, and also has contact information.
  • A Quick Guide to Gaming in Libraries
    Links to presentations, reports, news, and blogs about gaming lin libraries.
  • The Role of Gaming in Libraries: Taking the Pulse
    This white paper contains results of a public library survey of 400 libraries about what type of gaming they support.
  • Video Games in Libraries
    A page of video game resources from the Rochester Hills (Michigan) Public Library. Includes info on collection development, developing a video game program, and more.

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