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Please note: beginning in FY 18/19, Infopeople will not be receiving LSTA grant funding to offset training development costs.  As a result, effective September 1, 2018 Infopeople will no longer be able to offer free seats in online courses to rural library staff. Any online courses starting BEFORE Sep 1, 2018 are still eligible for free seats. After Sep 1 this form will no longer be available.

Infopeople, with funding from the California State Library, is offering free seats for California rural library staff and employees of the California State Library in our online courses.  There is one major change to the process - you will no longer be able to sign up for courses directly using a discount code.  Please use the following form instead and your registration will be processed for you by Infopeople.

After you have submitted your request you should receive an enrollment confirmation via email within 48 hours.  If for some reason you can't be enrolled (the class is full, you are not eligable for free class, etc.) you will be notified.