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Survival Spanish for Library Staff was an all-day workshop Infopeople developed to provide library staff with basic skills for communicating with Spanish-speaking patrons.

Now the essential words and phrases taught in the workshop have been integrated into easy to digest MP3 files that are structured so that you can practice at your own pace, whenever you want, for as long as you want! These tracks are designed for individual use, but are suitable for group practice, too!

Download and print the script (11-page PDF file) then follow along listening to the MP3 tracks on this page. You can also download a zipped file that contains all of the MP3 files and the PDF script (zipped file size 62MB) for listening at a later time on the player of your choice.

You can also find this content on Infopeople's Niche Academy site.

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Basic Vocabulary
  3. Locations and Directions
  4. A description of what is to come on tracks 5-7; Practice sentences with basic vocabulary, location and directional words
  5. Practice and Review 2
  6. Practice and Review 3
  7. Water Fountain
  8. Months and Dates
  9. Days of the Week
  10. Numbers 1-10
  11. Numbers 11-19
  12. Numbers 20-31
  13. How to Say Dates
  14. Courtesy Phrases
  15. More Courtesy Phrases
  16. Communication Phrases
  17. A description of what is to come on tracks 18-25; statements and questions about circulation
  18. Library Cards
  19. Library Cards 2
  20. Library Cards 3
  21. Checking Materials Out
  22. Returning Materials
  23. Renewing Materials
  24. Holds
  25. Fines
  26. Common Computer Terms
  27. Public Computer Phrases
  28. Public Computer Phrases 2
  29. Public Computer Phrases 3
  30. Public Computer Phrases 4

Common patron questions followed by 1 or 2 possible answers; Tracks 31-41

  1. How to Get a Library Card
  2. Common Patron Questions - Borrowed item Limits
  3. Common Patron Questions - Checkout Time Limits
  4. Common Patron Questions - Fees for Services
  5. Common Patron Questions - Replacing Library Cards
  6. Common Patron Questions - Reserving Materials
  7. Common Patron Questions - Public Catalog
  8. Common Patron Questions - Books on English
  9. Common Patron Questions - Bathrooms
  10. Common Patron Questions - Copy Machine Location
  11. Common Patron Questions - Photocopy Information
  12. Closing