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Many years ago Leslie Tanaka-Loza was influenced by a family elder with this very simple admonishment: "Never lose your sense of wonder". Leslie explains that she and the elderly gentleman were listening to the sound of cicadas, marveling at the amazing sound. "I took that brief moment in time to heart and never forgot it! I try to bring that sense of wonderment with me everyday to work - It makes me open to whatever happens".

Leslie Tanaka-Loza started out at San Jose Public Library as a part time clerk 25 years ago when her son was just nine months old. Old timers at the library will remember a little boy in the staff room and children's area. uo she says. Leslie received her MLIS from San Jose State University while working as a full time clerk in Receiving and Periodicals, all as a single mom. By this time she had a lot of varied experience including storytime training, which continues to be one of her joys in life with her alter ego Edwin, the crow.

Leslie enjoys program planning almost as much as storytime. She says it's a passion that she's skilled in too. Leslie enjoys reading, Harley motorcycles, travel, watching movies with clever dialog, and hanging with family and friends. She lives with her new husband, three grown children, three cats, one dog, and a macaw in a newly remodeled house. "It's never dull around here" she says.