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The Flip Ultra digital video recorder records up to 120 minutes of video and has an internal microphone. It requires 2 AA batteries to operate. It’s available starting at around $150. It also comes in a high definition version.

1.     To turn ON or OFF, press the white button below the play button.

2.     To record video:

a. Press Red button in the center

b.To stop recording, press Red button again

c. To zoom in while recording press the up or down navigation buttons

3.     To playback:

a. To playback the last recording press Play

b. To stop during play press Play again

c. To move through recordings use right and left navigation buttons


4.     To change volume during playback, press the up (+) or down (–) arrows

5.     To delete recording press Delete and Delete again.

6.     To copy recordings to a computer:

a. Slide side button down to expose USB end

b. Plug into USB port on your computer

c. The Flip camera has software on it that allows you to play and do simple video editing.  You can also play the files  (.avi) through Windows Media Player after you install the Flip software from the camera.

7.     To upload directly to YouTube, you will need a YouTube account, and the Flip software installed on your computer.

8.     To view recordings on a TV, use a composite cable to plug directly into a TV.