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The iPhone is a telephone, wireless Internet device and media player all rolled into one. Third party applications can be purchased via iTunes Store. It syncs to your computer via iTunes.  You must have an active at&t account to use phone and text/MMS services. The iPhone ranges in price from $199-$299 with at&t account activation. the latest generation is the iPhone 4.

  1. To turn ON press button on top right of phone. To return to the Home screen from any other screen, press the round button on the lower part of the phone. If the phone is asleep, press the round button, then use your finger on the screen to “Slide to Unlock” where it tells you to do so ;)
  1. Choose an icon on the screen to use that feature:
    1. Safari (web browser)
    2. YouTube
    3. Calendar
    4. Contacts
    5. Clock
    6. Calculator
    7. Settings
    8. Music

                                               i.     To adjust volume while a song or video is playing use finger to adjust slider on bottom of screen.

    1. Videos
    2. Photos
    3. iTunes
  1. Click to make choices on screen.  To scroll, slide your finger up or down on the screen.
  1. To return to main screen, press round button on bottom.
  1. To practice typing, try adding a contact:
    1. Select contact from main menu
    2. Press onscreen + button to add a new contact
    3. Press Last First, to bring up keyboard and start typing.
  1. Device will automatically go to sleep when not in use.
  2. To turn the iPhone off, press and hold the button on the top right of the phone.