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The iPod nano is a music and media player. You can listen to music and podcasts, FM radio, and view photos.  All formats sync via iTunes (available for Mac or Windows).  The iPod nano can also be used as a portable hard drive. A standard headset is required. It is charged with a USB charger. It’s available starting at $150 for the 8GB model (also available in 16GB size). The iPod must be formatted to work with either your Windows or Apple computer.

The new generation is a multi-touch device that uses the swipe technology common to the iPod touch and iPhone. It has a built-in clip for attaching to clothes or backpacks. It has voice-over capability, a gesture-based screen reader that lets visually impaired users browse and select songs without viewing the screen.

1.     To turn ON press the silver Sleep/Wake button on the top of the iPod nano. Volume controls are on the top next to the Sleep/Wake button.

2.     To choose from menus, swipe left or right to view the different screens. Choices include:

a.     Playlists

b.     Artists

c.     Now Playing

d.     FM Radio

e.     Photos

f.      Settings

3.     Tap the icons to select items,  use the scroll wheel to highlight item and select using the center button.  To access different features, go to the main screen:

·      Music

·      Videos

·      Photos

·      Podcasts

·      Extras

·      Settings

·      Shuffle Songs

5.     To turn OFF, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button