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The Kindle is a reading device. You purchase books, magazines or blogs via an Amazon account at the Kindle store.  You connect to the store via wireless (Whispernet).  A USB charger is required to charge the unit. It’s available starting at $139.

  1. To turn ON or OFF, slide switch to on back of device.
  1. To navigate:
    1. Use the 5-way controller located to the right of the keyboard.
    2. Push center button on the controller to select things.
    3. The Menu button accesses the Kindle Store as well as actions such as turning the wireless on/off or adding a highlight within a book.
    4. The Home button shows content stored on your Kindle as well as content archived at Amazon
    5. The Next Page button turns the page in your reading material
    6. The Previous Page Goes back one page in your reading material
    7. The Back button (at the bottom of the 5-way controller) retraces your steps on your Kindle
    8. The Text Key (to the right of the space bar) changes the font size within your reading material

3.     While reading a book or magazine:

a.     To find a definition of a word in the text, highlight the line of text with your word in it, click the scroll wheel and choose Lookup

b.     To search for a word in the text, press the Search button.

c.     To bookmark a page in the book, click Menu, then Bookmark.

d.     To add a note:

                                                        i.     Move your cursor to the line where you’d like to add your note.

                                                      ii.     Press the Menu button, choose Add note and type away using the keyboard on the bottom.

                                                     iii.     When finished, select done and click the scroll wheel.