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The Nook is a reading device. You purchase books, magazines or blogs via a Barnes & Noble account at bn.com. You can also browse the Internet via built-in wi-fi. The Nook also allows you to loan books to friends. A USB charger is required to charge the unit. It’s available starting at $149.

  1. On the top edge of the NOOK is the silver power button. Press once and release to turn the NOOK on, to put it to sleep, and to wake it up. Press and hold for about 7 seconds to completely power off the NOOK.
  1. The Page Turn buttons >  < are on the front of the NOOK on either side of the screen.
  1. The Home button is the horseshoe shaped icon between the reading screen and the color touchscreen.
  1. The color touchscreen is the menu area. Use your finger to tap an icon on the Home menu, enter text using the on-screen keyboard, navigate and select items on the reading screen, select menu options, and change your preferences in the Settings area.
  1. Use the up and down arrow buttons on the color touchscreen to navigate on the reading screen by moving the cursor up or down. Move to and highlight a specific title in shop or my library using these arrow buttons. The small circle is the icon for the Select button, used as an "Enter" key or to select an item on the reading screen. The scrollbar means that there are additional menu items not shown on the color touchscreen but can be viewed by swiping your finger up or down on the color touchscreen to scroll through the entire menu.
  1. The on-screen keyboard automatically appears when any text input is needed. Use it to search for titles in the eBookstore or take notes as you read.