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Rock Band is a game that can be played on the Wii, Xbox or Playstation consoles (the versions are not interchangeable).  It consists of a drum, 2 guitars and a microphone to make up the band.  You can also play solo on these instruments.  The Rock Band game goes from $50 to $250 depending on what platform and what pieces come bundled.  Game consoles range in price from  $120-$400.

To Play Rock Band:

1.     Put the Rock Band game disk in the game console.

2.     Plug in Guitars, Drums and Microphone.

3.     Follow on-screen directions to choose Training if you want to practice or choose Solo if there is no one else to play with, otherwise, choose Band.

4.     When you play as a band, each instrument needs to “join” the band and choose their difficulty level before each song.

5.     On the guitar, click the green key to select and use the strummer to move up and down in selections.

6.     On drums, tap the green pad for select, the red for back and the other 2 for forward and back.