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The Sansa Fuze Media player plays music and videos, stores and displays photos and has an FM radio tuner. It syncs with Windows Media Player. Listen via internal speakers or connect a headset. It does not require batteries and is charged with a USB charger. You can expand storage using microSD cards. These players run between $60-$100.

1.     To turn ON or OFF, slide the power switch found on the side of the device

2.     To access features, press Home on the wheel (on top of wheel) and use the wheel to scroll through the following features:

a.     Music

b.     FM Radio

c.     Video

d.     Voice

e.     Photo

f.      Settings


3.     To select a feature:

a.     Stop scrolling on desired feature

b.     Press round button in center of wheel


4.     To return to previous menu, press the back button on the wheel |<<

5.     To pause, press bottom button on the wheel >||

6.     To import photos and videos, insert microSD card into slot or connect to a computer.