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The Sony Walkman X series can handle music, video, photos, and also has an FM tuner and wi-fi and Internet browsing capability. Supported audio formats include MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM, AAC-LC (non-DRM). Supported video formats are MP4 and M4V. Music, photos, and video are downloaded via Windows Media Player. It syncs and powers via a USB cable connected to your computer. A full battery charge lasts up to 33 hours. Prices start at $300.

1.     To turn the player ON, press any button.

2.     Press the Home button to access the Home screen and player app icons.

3.     You can use the touch panel screen to operate the player. Tap an icon, item, control button, etc., on the screen to operate the player. Also, drag up or down to scroll through a list, and flick to scroll quickly through a list or thumbnails (reduced-size images that appear in a list).

4.     Drag your finger up or down on the list to scroll through the list. Also, drag the indicator along the Seek Slider to choose a starting point for the playback.

5.     From the Home menu, you can select the desired item on the screen by touch panel operations. On the playback screen of music, video, photo, etc., you can operate the player by selecting the control button or item on the screen.

6.     You can use the onscreen keyboard to enter text. Select a text field you intend to enter text into, such as a web page address entry, to bring up the onscreen keyboard.

7.     To turn off the player :If you press and hold the HOME button, “POWER OFF” screen appears, then the player enters the standby mode and the screen turns off. Furthermore, if standby mode is retained for about one day, the player turns off completely automatically.