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Xbox Kinect is a controller-free gaming device. It works with the Xbox 360 gaming console. Kinect responds to how you move: you become the controller. The Kinect device retails for around $150; the Xbox 360 console retails for around $250. You can find an Xbox Kinect bundle starting at around $299.

To Play Xbox Kinect:

1.     Put a Kinect-ready game disk in the Xbox game console.

2.     Place the Kinect controller at a central point in front of the monitor/TV. Keep it around 1-3 feet off the ground.

3.     Clear a space around the Kinect so you have at least 4-5 feet to move to the side and forward and back.

4.     When you navigate with Kinect, keep your hands upright and wave big!

5.     To pause a Kinect game hold your left arm down and to the left.

6.     As you play, Kinect creates a digital skeleton of you based on depth data. So when you move left or right or jump around, the sensor will capture it and put you in the game.

7.     Kinect ID remembers who you are by collecting physical data that’s stored in your profile. So when you want to play again, Kinect will know it’s you, making it easy to jump in whenever you want.

8.     Kinect uses four strategically placed microphones within the sensor to recognize and separate your voice from the other noises in the room, so you can control movies and more with your voice (the Xbox is also a DVD video player).