Training Events All upcoming Infopeople events en Customer Service Challenges: Dealing with Difficult Patron Behavior Libraries face some unique customer service challenges. They provide free and open access to resources and services, ideally in an environment that is safe and respectful to staff, patrons, volunteers, and others. The peaceful co-existence of service, safety, and respect may be... Infopeople Admin All Work is Team Work Do people talk about working as a team but when it comes down to it, your team meetings feel like a group of individuals who aren’t open to other perspectives? Do you find that too much time is spent talking about why something happened or looking for blame instead of discussing... Infopeople Admin Supervisory Success: Interpersonal Skills for New and Not-so-new Supervisors Are you a new supervisor or lead? Would you like to move into a supervisory position in a library? Do you want to improve your ability to bring out the best in your employees? Supervising others can be exciting and gratifying, but it can also be challenging. While it is great to... Infopeople Admin Basic Cataloging and Classification Through practical information and hands-on exercises, you will gain an understanding of cataloging practices, rules, and tools, as well as the nuts and bolts of copy cataloging. The course will cover Resource Description and Access (RDA), the current cataloging rule, the Library... Infopeople Admin Core Reference Fundamentals Libraries of all types provide information and reference services to their users. To provide effective reference requires staff who understand and can apply the underlying values and methods as they assist users in finding the best possible resources to meet their information... Infopeople Admin Staying on Top of Technology Trends These days, libraries are all about change — especially technology changes. Are you successfully navigating the rapids of technology trends or struggling in white water? During this course you will see how technology trends affect libraries in general and your library... Infopeople Admin Pop-up Libraries: Out of the Stacks and into the Community Are you looking for creative new ways to raise awareness of your services and engage the members of your community who might not use the library? Pop-ups are a powerful tool for boosting library visibility and actively engaging with non-users. By getting out of the stacks and... Infopeople Admin Veterans and Mental Health – Learning About PTSD Join presenter Dr. Laura Wiedman, clinical psychologist within the PTSD Clinical Team at the Northern California VA Health Care System, as she provides an overview of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and available resources for veterans with PTSD. During this one-hour... Infopeople Admin Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Library: A Customized Plan Library staff face the challenge of providing good customer service, even in the face of difficult interactions. However, feeling - and being - safe at work takes much more than just customer service training. A truly safe workplace is a welcoming workplace that reflects "... Infopeople Admin Effective Time Management for Busy Library Staff Would you like to learn practical techniques for handling interruptions and maximizing productivity? Do you want to better organize your tasks and prioritize your activities to get more done? Would you like to more accurately estimate how long projects are going to take? With... Infopeople Admin