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Like other contemporary organizations, libraries increasingly need in-house expertise in digital photography. Making and manipulating digital images are essential for websites, flyers and other promotional materials, and library displays. If you:

  • Need help selecting a digital camera or type of storage media
  • Want to improve the quality of the pictures that you take
  • Could benefit from hints on photo design and lighting
  • Want to know how to crop, adjust color, and make other corrections
  • Are concerned about copyright and release form requirements for photos
  • Need assistance in managing your digital photo collection

...then this workshop is for you!

Workshop Description: This all-day hands-on beginning workshop is designed to provide a broad overview of digital cameras and digital photography for use in libraries. Participants will have the opportunity to try out digital photography through individual and group exercises. You will take photographs, download images from a digital camera to a computer, and manipulate the images for use on the web or in printed materials. The instructor will provide digital cameras (to share), exercises, cheat sheets, a webliography, as well as practical, useful tips that can be applied immediately.

Special Note to Attendees: You may bring your own camera to practice taking pictures. However, you will need to bring cables and software for connecting your camera to the lab computer if you want to practice editing the photos you take during the workshop. Each lab is unique and we can't guarantee that you'll be able to work with your own photos during the workshop.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Digital Camera Overview
    • Why digital photography?
    • Types of cameras and types of storage media
    • Connecting your camera to your computer to download your photos
  • Hints on Taking Photos
    • Taking photos of people - indoor & outdoor lighting
    • Taking photos of objects such as books or papers
    • Taking photos outdoors in natural light
  • Who Owns That Image?
    • Get a signature release from your subjects
    • Copyright considerations
  • Photo Design and Repair
    • Design and color recommendations
    • Cropping and color corrections
    • Fixing "bad" photos
  • Managing Your Digital Photo Collection
    • Exporting for the web
    • Saving for print publications
    • Software for managing your digital photos
    • File and disk space management (digital photos can be huge!)

Workshop Instructor: Jeanne Moje