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Libraries face many challenges in their ongoing efforts to promote services, programs, and events. With limited staff resources, small promotional budgets and steep competition for your audience's time and attention, how can you make sure your library's best work isn't overlooked?

  • Do you have a hard time attracting attention for library programs and services?
  • Are you concerned that local media don't focus enough on the positive things happening at your library?
  • Do you want to learn how to stretch existing promotional resources to achieve the maximum effect?

This workshop will explore creative ways to harness your library's unique strengths to develop effective communication strategies. Learn how you can increase visibility, develop productive promotional partnerships, and connect successfully with your community.

Workshop Description: This all-day interactive workshop will provide tools and strategies that libraries of all sizes can use to increase visibility in their communities and promote specific programs, services and events. The instructor will provide practical, useful tips that can be applied immediately as well as a bibliography to explore once you are back at your library.

Pre-workshop assignment: Each student should bring an example of a promotional product or material (from a library or elsewhere) that he or she feels is particularly successful or unsuccessful.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Grassroots Promotion - What is It?
    • Components of a successful grassroots promotional effort
    • The relationship between public relations and marketing
    • How can you find out what your audience actually wants?
  • Identifying Your Audiences and Developing Your Message
    • Different audiences within the universe of the "general public"
    • Developing messages that resonate with external audiences.
    • The internal audience: ways to engage library staff
  • Tools for Promotional Success
    • Criteria for a quality promotional piece
    • Using the Web, print materials and other tools to complement each other
    • Creating dynamic partnerships and cross-promotional opportunities with other community organizations
  • Implementing Your Promotional Plan
    • Engaging the media in the library�s promotional goals
    • Keeping your promotional partners involved

Workshop Instructor: Penny Hummel