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Need to recharge your programs and services to get kids clamoring to check out books? What is reading promotion and how can it enhance what your library offers to youth and families of all ages? Find out at this exciting, interactive training seminar that introduces the basics of reading promotion. This training will energize participants to look at their current library services with a fresh eye, share new ways of approaching outreach service to promote reading, reveal the secrets of successful summer and year-round reading programs, and renew participants' commitment to serving youth in the best way possible.

This training offers a wide range of fresh programs and services ideas for early childhood, school age, and teens, as well as ideas for printed pieces, each adaptable to individual libraries' needs and resources.

Workshop Description: This all-day interactive workshop will provide students with dozens of resources and ideas for improving their services to youth. Through group exercises, the participants will learn from each other and help spark great new project ideas. The instructor will provide a webliography and bibliography of more resources to explore once you are back at your library, as well as practical and useful tips that can be applied immediately.

(Optional) Pre-workshop assignment: Each student should come prepared with a one to two minute booktalk, featuring a new or sleeper favorite book that you would recommend to a patron between the ages of birth to 18.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • What is Reading Promotion?
    • Be the Pied Piper of reading to your community
    • What programs are you already doing and how could you improve them?
    • Small group exercise
  • Readers' Advisory Services and Outreach
    • Booktalks, booklists, and web resources
    • Breaking out of the building and bringing the library to kids
    • Small group exercise
  • Summer Reading, Year-Round Reading, and Other Awesome Programs
    • Why summer reading is a sure thing
    • Build on summer for year-round reading
    • How to use programming to promote reading
  • Review Objectives, Final Thoughts

Workshop Instructor: Katie O'Dell