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The life of a supervisor is full of challenges. Are you currently supervising someone whose behavior has coworkers (and you!) intimidated? Are you managing a project that requires the cooperation of a team that just isn't productive? Are you at a loss for how to deal with the performance shortcomings of an employee? Does your library need to groom new leaders to succeed those who are looking toward retirement? Are you supervising a new manager who is on a steep learning curve?

If these or similar supervisory situations sound familiar, you won't want to miss this course! Why? Because coaching and team-building techniques can make your work as a supervisor much easier! You will leave the workshop with a new understanding of practical coaching and team-building techniques, as well as:

  • A sensitivity to conditions that can lessen your own and your library's effectiveness,
  • An observing attitude about what threatens team and individual performance,
  • A feel for what constitutes superior performance, and
  • Improved ability to influence the best work of your library

Workshop Description: This all day, practical workshop will give you a framework for understanding and applying the skills of coaching and team-building in the library. Instructor and students will demonstrate and practice these powerful tools of supervision in individual and group exercises. This practical - and by nature, humorous - "how to" of coaching and team-building is replete with recognizable, commonplace situations. The instructor will provide useful handouts for your use back at the library, including a bibliography for further study of these important tools.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Excellence IS Achievable!
    • Common threats to individual, team, and organizational performance
    • The effect of the contributive vs. critical environment on performance
    • Why coaching and team-building improve individual and organizational performance
  • Coaching Basics
    • Coaching defined
    • Coaching structure
    • Characteristics of the coach
    • When to coach
    • Tools for coaching
  • Team-building
    • The purpose of team-building and why team ability is essential
    • The major myths of teamwork
    • The five conditions influencing team performance
    • How to cultivate team ability and successful work teams
  • Wrap-up and Practice
    • Coaching and team-building make supervising easier
    • The supervisor's role is to help individuals and teams succeed
    • The supervisor is in a position to discern and to address conditions that impede individual, team, and organizational performance
    • The supervisor is engaged, mindful, and seeks to engage those he/she supervises

Workshop Instructor: Ruth Metz