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Have you ever wished that you could:

  • Teach your library users or co-workers more effectively?
  • Communicate information on any topic in a way that is clear, concise and memorable?
  • Develop first-rate training materials that cover just the right information in just the right manner?
  • Teach your learners to become self sufficient and self-motivating rather than dependent on you?
  • Engage the attention of a classroom of learners and have them completely focus on what you are teaching them?
  • Deal effectively with any kind of "difficult" learner in a way that serves them and keeps your blood pressure down?

This set of four consecutive train-the-trainer workshops will cover all of these topics and more. The workshops address core training development and delivery techniques suitable for training both individuals and groups. Participation in the entire series will give you the skills you need to design relevant training, develop effective training materials, deliver powerful training sessions and evaluate your performance. In short, you will learn how to become a great library trainer!

Workshop Description: This set of four workshops is designed to cover crucial skills for library trainers. Each workshop is different and builds upon the previous one. The first workshop is an A-Z overview of the skills and techniques of effective training and the other three focus on specific areas such as training design, materials development, and trainer presentation skills.

Each workshop day will reflect good training practices by modeling good presentation skills, being interactive, encouraging discussion and actively involving you in individual and group exercises. Rather than lecture at length we will simulate real training situations and have you discuss and present to your peers.

You will leave the workshop not only with the knowledge of new approaches to library training, but with the experience of applying and practicing effective library training techniques.

Preliminary Course Outline:


  • How Adults Learn
  • Communication Basics
  • Character/Qualities of a Trainer
  • Designing Effective Training
  • Delivering Training/Presentation Skills
  • Evaluating Training Effectiveness


  • The Purpose of Training
  • Identifying Needs
  • Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Determining Instructional Objectives
  • Designing Instruction/Sequence
  • Developing Content
  • Chunking Information


  • Using Word to Develop Cheat Sheets
  • Types of Training Materials
  • Determining the Medium
  • Targeting your Audience
  • Outlining
  • Design Guidelines
  • Using PowerPoint to Develop Presentations
  • Using White-space
  • Using Graphics


  • Managing Fear
  • Interacting with Learners
  • Adapting to Learners
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Clarity and Simplicity
  • Using Questioning
  • Using Media
  • Using Humor/Having Fun
  • Dealing with Difficult Learners

Workshop Instructor: Cheryl Gould