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Libraries are vast, complex organizations. Even the most expert and capable library staff find that the help of a trained volunteer can enhance their work. Libraries have also become busier in recent years, and increased library use means increased workload. Volunteers cannot run the library, but they are extremely valuable when it comes to supplementing the library's workforce.

"Getting, Training and Keeping Volunteers in the Library," will equip you with the tools you need to work effectively with volunteers in your library. You will learn how to recruit, train, retain and recognize valuable volunteers. Whether you are new to working with volunteers, or have done it for many years, this course will help you discover - or rediscover - how volunteers can contribute in ways that will allow regular library staff to use their own skills more effectively and enjoy their jobs more!

Workshop Description: This all-day interactive workshop will provide the skills necessary either to start or to continue to manage a successful library volunteer program. Through individual and group exercises, you will design a volunteer program; write a recruitment plan and job descriptions; watch an online volunteer recruitment demonstration; and plan a volunteer recognition program. The instructor will also provide a template for matching the right volunteer with the right job, and will share her experience in the form of practical, useful tips that can be applied immediately.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • What is a Volunteer?
  • How Volunteers Can Assist in Our Libraries
  • How to Recruit Volunteers
  • Interviewing & Selecting Volunteers
  • Matching Volunteers with the Right Job
  • Daily Management of Volunteer Program
  • How to Recognize Volunteers

Workshop Instructor: Carol Ross Thomas