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Change is important to the survival and success of any library. Although we cannot eliminate the stress and upheaval of organizational change, we can lessen its impact and take best advantage of the opportunities change offers. Handling change effectively can make your library stronger and more resilient. Effectively driving, sponsoring and supporting change is part of every library manager's role

This full-day workshop for library leaders, supervisors and managers will focus on the human side of change: helping library staff cope with change, making the most of change, making change work, making it "stick." Participants will learn clear and practical guidelines for

  • dealing with change,
  • developing improved change strategies,
  • minimizing distress and disruptions caused by change, and
  • improved ability to influence the best work of your library.

This course outlines the challenges, opportunities and best practices of managing organizational change in a library environment. It will enable you to weather transitions of any magnitude with confidence, skill and humor.

Workshop Description: Through an exploration of our own attitudes and customary responses to change, and by identifying the phases and patterns of change, we will discover ways to increase our sense of control over both the predictable and unpredictable elements of unfolding transition. Using self-assessments, small- and large-group activities, action-oriented problem solving and solution-focused methodology, this course will help you to plan, craft and immediately apply responsive, targeted strategies for change in your library.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Personal Change
    • Defining change and types of change
    • Examining one's own preferred response to change
    • Four stages of change
  • Organizational Change in the Library
    • Opportunities and challenges
    • What makes change successful or unsuccessful
    • Characteristics of the coach
    • Four change roles
    • Eight action-oriented best practices for successful library change
  • A Team Approach to Handling Organizational Change in the Library
    • Leading change and managing transition
    • Stages and behaviors during change
    • Working through resistance to change
    • Transition starts with an ending
    • The "middles" ? a nowhere between two "somewheres"
    • Launching a new beginning
    • Techniques for navigating through times of difficult change
  • Applying Change Management Strategies to Your Library
    • Crafting a planned, strategic response to change
    • Communicating and reinforcing change in your library
    • Implementing change
    • Evaluating change
    • Creating an action plan to address a current or future change in your library

Workshop Instructor: Jean Crossman-Miranda