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The best customer service experiences are rewarding for both the customer and the staff. As libraries are pressed to do more with less and demands for service just keep increasing, techniques that keep the customer service equation balanced and positive are more important than ever.

This course encapsulates the lessons of cutting edge customer service approaches such as the FISH!TM philosophy and Bob Farrell's "Give 'Em the Pickle" and applies them to the library setting. You'll learn how to

  • Make the workplace more fun for your customers and yourself
  • Recognize and reduce stressors that can interfere with customer service
  • Focus and "be there" for library customers
  • Find creative ways to make your customers' day

You'll leave energized and ready to tackle the customer service challenge from a fresh and fun perspective.

Workshop Description: This all-day course explores a variety of techniques for making library customer service more playful and less frustrating for all concerned. Through individual and group activities, short experiential exercises, and group discussion you will discover how you fit into the customer service equation and what you can do to improve your own and your customers' satisfaction. The instructor will also help you plan how to apply what you've learned once you're back on the job in your own library.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • What Part of You Do You Bring to Work?
  • Costs of Stress in the Workplace
    • What you can and can't change
    • Personal options for reducing stress
  • Recognizing the Customer as Your Business and Not an Interruption
  • The FISH!TM Philosophy
    • Brainstorm with the group on how to apply it!
  • What's the "Pickle" in Your Library?
  • Different Responses to Change
  • Ways to Introduce FISH!TM and Pickle in Your Library

Workshop Instructor: Cheryl Gould