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It is said that the only constant in life is change. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the workplace, where change is often mandated and staff are called upon to implement changes that originate elsewhere. Change impacts the quality of our library work and the cohesiveness of our library team.

We can't help being affected by change, but we can learn to identify, practice and apply strategies for controlling our response to change. This class will prepare you to manage and reduce the stress associated with workplace change so that you can thrive during times of high stress in your library. You will learn to develop a hardy, healthy, multi-faceted response to change that will enable you to cope without sacrificing productivity, teamwork or quality service.

Workshop Description: This all-day, interactive workshop will provide you with practical tools for dealing effectively with the challenge of workplace change. Through individual and group exercises; planning, crafting and applying customized stress reduction interventions; and the creation and practice of effective coping strategies, participants will learn to handle the turmoil of change with composure, confidence, and humor.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • The Mechanics of Stress and Change
    • Impact of stress: physical, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal
    • Personal and professional styles of handling change
    • Our response to stress and change determines our ability to handle them
    • How to avoid "going on automatic" in a stressful situation
  • Crafting an Effective Response to Change
    • Finding points of control in the midst of chaos
    • Elements of a strategy for reducing the stress of change
  • Creating Change Hardiness and Resilience in Your Library
    • Coping, contributing and adding value to change efforts
    • Integrating stress reduction techniques into your workday
    • Providing and receiving support as a team member
  • Building a Strategy for Coping with Change in Your Library
    • Fine tuning effective coping responses to workplace change
    • Customizing stress reduction exercises
    • Action planning for solution-focused communication

Workshop Instructor: Jean Crossman-Miranda