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In a clamorous world filled with images, marketing, and noise, the persuasive, intimate art of storytelling provides an attractive alternative. Telling stories is another way to present literature to the public. Whether choosing traditional literature, like folktales and legends, excerpts from classic fiction, historical incidents, or personal reminiscences, stories draw the listener into the world of words.

Stories aren't just for preschoolers. In this class you will learn how to present a program of stories for adults, use a story or two during a middle school class visit, and trust this effective, entertaining tool in a variety of settings. Easy to learn and a pleasure to use, storytelling is a flexible, adaptable art form with many applications.

Workshop Description: This all day workshop will provide opportunities for library staff to become storytellers. Through lecture and demonstration students will explore storytelling literature to assist them in choosing good material. Students will learn stories during the workshop, using a simple effective technique, and then tell the stories in small groups. You will also develop a storytelling plan for your library. The instructor will provide bibliographies of suitable tales and storytelling collections, a webliography of storytelling websites, and suggestions for using storytelling in programming, outreach and presentations for all ages.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Selection
    • Types of traditional literature
    • How to choose a good story
    • Elements of a tellable tale
    • Finding a good story
    • Cultural information in stories
    • Story research
  • Preparation
    • Methods of learning stories
    • Story adaptation
  • Presentation
    • Styles of storytelling
    • Respecting cultural context
  • Extending your stories
    • Music and songs
    • Voice use and care
    • Using movement and objects in stories
  • Models of library-based storytelling
    • The right story for the right listener
    • Stories for adults
    • Stories for children
    • Stories in outreach and presentations

Workshop Instructor: Gay Ducey