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Do you have plenty of good ideas but no one to help you turn them into reality? Are apathy or negativity preventing your team from making progress? Effective leaders know how to convince the people around them—even people they do not directly supervise—to get on board. Learn how you can introduce a new concept, propose a course of action, or recommend a policy in a way that makes others want to support your position and take action to move it forward

Workshop Description: This is a half-day, highly interactive training session. In addition to lecture, general discussion, and Q&A sessions, preselected volunteer workshop participants will be videotaped in a simulated "convince me" situation. Taping will be followed by a training session on making your mind, face, body, and voice work for you in a given situation. Videotapes will be played back and discussed in light of the training. Participants will then be taped in a second simulated situation as they put their new skills to work. These "second takes" will show how a little training can lead to a lot of improvement.

Arch Lustberg is well-known as a leader in the field of dynamic communication. He has coached governors, congressional leaders, presidential appointees, and business leaders on effective communication. See his one to two minute video clips for a closer look at his results-oriented training techniques at

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Crafting Your Message - Positive, Simple, Memorable
  • Selling Yourself to Sell Your Ideas
  • Getting People on Your Side
  • Turning Talk into Action

Workshop Instructor: Arch Lustberg