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Are you a copy cataloger who is ready to advance to the next level? This workshop will help you understand more about MARC records, cataloging techniques, and practical cataloging rules of thumb so that you can handle situations like these:

  • These two bib records look about the same - Which one should I choose?
  • I am trying to catalog a kit containing several items in multiple formats - What should I do?
  • Regular subject headings don't seem to work for this title - Should I make some up?
  • I can't find a record to copy How do I catalog an item starting from scratch?

If you are currently downloading and modifying MARC records as part of your job, and you would like to make the records you work on even better, this course is for you. By completing this course you will learn how your work can enhance the quality and usefulness of the library's public catalog and you will feel more confident splashing around in the cataloging fountain of information!

Workshop Description: This all-day hands-on workshop will include both individual and group exercises, with plenty of opportunities for cataloging practice. Students will work with MARC records, Library of Congress Subject Headings, and authority files. They will also learn the seven steps of original cataloging. Participants will receive cheat sheets, templates, a webliography, as well as practical, useful tips that can be applied immediately.

Pre-workshop assignment: This course is designed for library staff who already have some experience with copy cataloging. There will be a pre-workshop assessment to ensure that those registering for this course have a basic familiarity with MARC formats and tags. Beginning catalogers will be better served by the Cataloging Fundamentals workshop.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Why We Have Tech Services in the First Place
    • Three areas of tech services and why we need them
    • MARC formats and the types of packaging for each
  • Is My MARC Bib Record Right?
    • Indicators, tags, and match keys
  • Original Cataloging When a Record Can't be Found
    • Seven steps to originally catalog a new record
    • Understanding and using the Library of Congress Subject Headings arrangement
  • Authority Files
    • When do you have to use them?
    • Fields you use authorities on
    • Where to get help with your cataloging

Workshop Instructor: Susan M. Sutch, MLIS