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Today's library professional is constantly collaborating - on committee work, special projects, community events, regional planning, and a host of other activities. Collaboration can be especially challenging when you are called upon to work with partners from other disciplines. This workshop is right for you if you've ever wished you could:

  • Improve services to your users by partnering with others,
  • Plan and execute collaborative activities more effectively,
  • Compete successfully for grants that require collaboration,
  • Commit to collaboration without compromising self determination, or
  • Work with partners from different backgrounds in a way that makes sense to them but still keeps your blood pressure down.

This course focuses on asset-based collaboration, a real-world approach that allows partnerships to succeed even when conditions are NOT perfect. You will learn how to leverage the resources you already have to develop mutually rewarding partnerships with a variety of other organizations.

Workshop Description: This all-day workshop will explore useful techniques, activities, and resources that can help you serve the needs of your users by developing productive relationships between your library and other types of organizations. Through discussion and individual/group exercises, participants will learn how to position their libraries for successful collaboration, and how to develop and nurture effective partnerships. Using the asset-based approach, participants will practice planning a collaborative project for their own libraries. The instructor will focus on practical tips and tricks that you can apply to your work immediately.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Asset-Based Thinking
    • Identifying and appreciating your library's assets
    • Determining asset value
    • The library's contribution to quality of life
  • Successful Collaboration
    • Levels of collaboration
    • Finding the right partner
    • The collaboration investment
    • Compatible library partners
    • Rewarding collaborations: success factors
  • Collaborative Project Design
    • Design steps
    • Planning collaborative services
  • Generating Support
    • Convincing people to support collaboration
    • Common objections and how to overcome them
    • The pitch

Workshop Instructor: Joan Frye Williams