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Good library collections must change to keep pace with new technology and local needs. This workshop will introduce you to the skills you need to create and maintain a collection that supports outstanding library service. You will learn basic techniques for:

  • Writing a community profile
  • Developing a materials budget
  • Selecting materials
  • Analyzing a collection
  • Responding to materials challenges

You will also learn practical criteria for weeding collections and guidelines for accepting gifts. Knowledge of the key elements of collection management will enable you to stock your shelves with confidence.

Workshop Description: This all-day workshop will cover the basics of collection management through individual and group exercises, activities, and detailed handouts. This course is designed to help participants become comfortable with developing and defending a library collection of any size. The class will explore ways to respond to changing technology to meet the needs of customers. Participants will also hear about future trends in library selection, including floating collections and shared resources.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Know Your Community and Resources
    • How to develop community profiles
    • How to allocate budgets and seek alternative funding
  • Evaluating and Selecting
    • Criteria for a good collection
    • Selecting materials
  • Types of Materials and Gift Donations
    • Why weeding doesn't get done
    • Planning an approach to weeding a collection
  • Collection Assessment and Challenges
    • Reasons for collection assessment
    • How to handle a formal complaint or challenge
  • Future Trends
    • Benefits of floating collections
    • How libraries might use shared catalogs

Workshop Instructor: Julie Italiano