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To ensure a strong and exciting future for libraries of all types, library workers must embrace effective leadership as a core component of our professional practice. Opportunities to lead abound, both within libraries and in the communities we serve. And the leadership role is not limited to managers or supervisors—there is a need for leaders at all levels in a library organization.

  • Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a leader?
  • Would you like to learn more about your own current areas of leadership competence? (Yes, everyone has some!)
  • Could you use practical information about how to take the initiative and lead more effectively?
  • Do you want to help transform libraries to meet the challenges of the future?

Maybe it's time for you to discover the leader within!

Workshop Description: This one-day workshop will explore current theories and practices of effective leadership, especially those that have practical application in a library environment. Through discussion, a personal assessment inventory, and interactive exercises, participants will learn practical steps to become better leaders and will chart their own course for further developing their leadership skills.

Preliminary Course Outline:

  • Leadership in Libraries Today: Challenges and Opportunities
    • Every library professional has the opportunity to lead
    • Why a positive, optimistic approach is so important
    • Leadership in practice, by position held, and by opportunity taken
  • Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership
    • Definitions of leadership
    • Brief overview of leadership theory in evolution
    • Leadership in practice: the five key areas
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
    • Emotional intelligence defined
    • Self-assessment of personal strengths
    • How to become a "resonant leader"
  • Leadership Development: Charting a Course
    • Assessment of areas for competency development
    • Creation of a personal plan

Workshop Instructor: Maureen Sullivan